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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Here's the first of what I think is the beggining of a new genre. People with political agenda are starting to figure out that videogames have a tremendous influence on the people who play them.

By that, I mean that people are willing to put thousands of hours towards a VIRTUAL goal in a video game while they wouldn't put a 10th of that effort to reach REAL goals in life itself.

Fate of the world is a "simulation" game where the player gets appointed director of the International Environmental Organisation and is tasked with decisions ranging from restriction of the cutting of the Amazonian forest to extending the single child policy from china to the whole Asian continent.

The main goal of the game in itself is good. Where I think it is wrong is that consequences are based on today's projections based on models that cannot even predict the weather two days from now, let alone 20 years.

It will end up brainwashing the next generation on accepting everything the Ecommunists are going to throw at them which in my opinion could have catastrophic consequences.

What's your take on it !?