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Thursday, October 28, 2010

In a semi related way,

As you can see if you've been reading my blog since the beggining, I've been at a presentation by Ezra Levant.

This guy is AMAZING ! He has been picked on by the HRC (Human "rights" commission) for over 900 hundred years as he tells in his book named "

Shakedown: How Our Government Is Undermining Democracy In The Name Of Human Rights 

I promptly bought it after the conference and read right through it .

You can get it dirt cheap in the kobo store at Kobo format is compatible with kobo reader in most smartphones as well as  the kobo reader itself.

It shattered me to find out how fragile our freedom is. and I commited myself to make that book come across as much people as I can !

He also has a more recent book called "ethical oil" that I will comment on after reading it.

For more information until then, you can head to :
Here is what's saind in canadian media about the Khadr saga, I don't know how to feel !

GUANTANAMO BAY U.S. NAVY BASE, Cuba — Omar Khadr is an admitted murderer and al-Qaida terrorist who manufactured and planted roadside bombs in Afghanistan.
And Khadr very likely will be returning to Canada in a year to serve out most of his still secret sentence.
He pleaded guilty to all five of the charges facing him here Monday as part of a plea bargain that will see him return to Canada after serving one more year in U.S. custody.
Canada’s diplomatic note — delivered here Sunday and included as part of the deal — was a key factor for Khadr agreeing to the deal and convinced one of Harper’s most skeptical critics Canada will let him serve his time in Canada.
“Mr. Khadr pleaded guilty this morning ... in exchange for the Canadian government agreeing to repatriate him back to Canada after one year,” said Dennis Edney, one of Khadr’s Canadian lawyers. “Canada’s language (in the diplomatic note) is sufficiently satisfactory to hold Canada to its position.”
The diplomatic note and the details of the deal will be released publicly later this week, although reports suggest the agreed-to sentence is for eight years, with the last seven to be served in Canada.

The prosecution in Khadr’s case said his admission of guilt puts to rest criticisms of the U.S. government for trying Khadr as a war criminal, and a guilty plea was more important than putting Khadr behind bars for life.
“Omar Khadr stands convicted of being a murderer, and also an al-Qaida terrorist. The evidence ... came from a source that the law recognizes as the most powerful evidence known to the law, and that is his own words,” said U.S. Navy Capt. John Murphy, chief prosecutor for the office of military commissions. “What you saw puts a lie to the long-standing argument by some that Omar Khadr is a victim.
“He’s not. He’s a murderer, and he is convicted by the strength of his own words.”
Khadr, wearing a dark suit and sporting a trimmed but full beard, hung his head low in the military courtroom and softly repeated “yes” as military judge Col. Pat Parrish painstakingly read off Khadr’s crimes and asked the Canadian to agree.
Parrish accepted Khadr’s guilty pleas to murder, attempted murder, supporting terrorism, spying and conspiracy.
The specifics of the deal and the sentence won’t be released until after the seven-member military jury hands down a sentence of their own following a hearing that’s expected to last several days.
Whichever sentence is less — the plea bargain’s or the jury’s — will apply.
Tabitha Speer, the widow of the U.S. Special Forces soldier Khadr fatally wounded with a grenade in a July 2002 firefight in Afghanistan, was in court Monday for Khadr’s guilty plea and, while sometimes tearing up, clutched her sister’s hand throughout the proceedings.
She will read a victim impact statement during the sentencing hearing, at which mental-health experts will debate Khadr’s age at the time of his crimes as a factor in sentencing.
Edney said pleading guilty was a “very, very difficult” decision for Khadr.
“Mr. Khadr was put into a hellish conflict ... whether to subject himself to a process that is not legal or go home,” Edney said, adding he and Khadr’s other Canadian lawyer Nathan Whitling think Khadr’s guilt is “fiction.
“In our view, Mr. Khadr is innocent.”
Khadr, now 24, was taken into U.S. custody when he was 15, following the 2002 firefight. He’s been held here since October of the same year.                    

It is now official, I hate my iPhone,

Here's something I found when I searched : Why iPhone sucks in google.

Figured it's funny enough :D

What will Apple "invent" next

Its well known that your typical iphone owner believes apple invented a lot of the features the iphone possesses like apps, a touch screen, web browsers on mobile phones etc. Apple really don’t mind this, in fact they want you to think they are cutting edge, even if they are not. When MMS and copy and paste finally came to the iphone many people were convinced Apple had invented them.
It’s also well known by those of us who have been using decent phones for a while now that these features have been available on plenty of smart phones years before the iphone came out. So to celebrate Apple’s ability to pull the wool over Joe Sixpack’s eyes here’s a list of features we believe will be in the next generation iphone. A list the iphone fan boys will no doubt have a great time claiming apple came up with all on their lonesome:
A bigger screen
480×320 AKA HVGA is so 2002 which makes the iphone look like a dinosaur compared to some of the latest phones coming out. Here’s betting that Apple will adopt the WVGA standard and claim some sort of new era in high resolution wide screen mobile video. Even though all the other touchscreen phones are already using it.
Wireless syncing
No longer will you need to dig around for your iphone cable to plug into your computer to sync your phone. Apple will invent the wireless connection. If only everyone else hadn’t been using it long before the iphone
Front facing camera
Video calling on mobile phones never really took off due to interoperability issues between carriers and the exhorbitant prices charged for calls but if done right Apple could reinvigorate this area with the power of the internet. What’s more likely to happen though is they’ll introduce it on the iphone and keep it proprietary but still tell everyone it’s totally revolutionary.
This one is still a maybe but if they do finally catch up you can bet they’ll make it look like they came up with it. Even if jailbroken iphones have been able to do it since the beginning
What do you think will be in the next generation iphone and do you think Apple will try and con us into thinking they invented it again? ( a bit old, but it still took them more than 2 years to catch up to Android)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Today is the court hearing regarding sentence of "child soldier" Omar Kadr after he agreed to a plea bargain for 1 year in US jail before being released to Canada for the rest of his sentence

He admitted to building explosive devices meant to blow up Americans and Jews and showed happiness knowing an American soldier had been killed by his grenade.

Knowing that Canadian Supreme Court has already stated that the process at Gitmo is flawed, Chances are any judgment will not stand to an appeal in Canada. Meaning that whatever the outcome is in the current procedure, Omar Kadr will be walking the streets of Canada a free man by Christmas 2011

What's your take on It ?

Picture below related :P

Monday, October 25, 2010

Terrorists .

.. so full of win !

TV guide

Today's randomness is going to be about TVs. I had to buy a TV recently and the most useful review I found is this one

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Currently listening to an Ezra levant presentation... Buy his book shakedown!!!