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Thursday, October 28, 2010

In a semi related way,

As you can see if you've been reading my blog since the beggining, I've been at a presentation by Ezra Levant.

This guy is AMAZING ! He has been picked on by the HRC (Human "rights" commission) for over 900 hundred years as he tells in his book named "

Shakedown: How Our Government Is Undermining Democracy In The Name Of Human Rights 

I promptly bought it after the conference and read right through it .

You can get it dirt cheap in the kobo store at Kobo format is compatible with kobo reader in most smartphones as well as  the kobo reader itself.

It shattered me to find out how fragile our freedom is. and I commited myself to make that book come across as much people as I can !

He also has a more recent book called "ethical oil" that I will comment on after reading it.

For more information until then, you can head to :


  1. This is relevant to my interests! I mean damn, that looks great.

  2. I'll have to give this a look the next time I hit up Barnes and Noble. Nice post!

  3. Hummm this sound like a good read and I'm really interested in these type of topics... Many people live in an illusion that their country is a good and ethical place just because you live in a democracy or something... but the truth is that most of the time third world countries pay the cost of our development. I'll try to find it online.

  4. This seems like a worthwhile read!

  5. We live in a society and country where our freedoms are limited, this would seem like a good read if I saw it actually making a difference in the world, but thanks to the idiotic times we live in, won't.

  6. maybe I will check this book out

  7. might have to check this out
    thx man