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Thursday, October 28, 2010

It is now official, I hate my iPhone,

Here's something I found when I searched : Why iPhone sucks in google.

Figured it's funny enough :D

What will Apple "invent" next

Its well known that your typical iphone owner believes apple invented a lot of the features the iphone possesses like apps, a touch screen, web browsers on mobile phones etc. Apple really don’t mind this, in fact they want you to think they are cutting edge, even if they are not. When MMS and copy and paste finally came to the iphone many people were convinced Apple had invented them.
It’s also well known by those of us who have been using decent phones for a while now that these features have been available on plenty of smart phones years before the iphone came out. So to celebrate Apple’s ability to pull the wool over Joe Sixpack’s eyes here’s a list of features we believe will be in the next generation iphone. A list the iphone fan boys will no doubt have a great time claiming apple came up with all on their lonesome:
A bigger screen
480×320 AKA HVGA is so 2002 which makes the iphone look like a dinosaur compared to some of the latest phones coming out. Here’s betting that Apple will adopt the WVGA standard and claim some sort of new era in high resolution wide screen mobile video. Even though all the other touchscreen phones are already using it.
Wireless syncing
No longer will you need to dig around for your iphone cable to plug into your computer to sync your phone. Apple will invent the wireless connection. If only everyone else hadn’t been using it long before the iphone
Front facing camera
Video calling on mobile phones never really took off due to interoperability issues between carriers and the exhorbitant prices charged for calls but if done right Apple could reinvigorate this area with the power of the internet. What’s more likely to happen though is they’ll introduce it on the iphone and keep it proprietary but still tell everyone it’s totally revolutionary.
This one is still a maybe but if they do finally catch up you can bet they’ll make it look like they came up with it. Even if jailbroken iphones have been able to do it since the beginning
What do you think will be in the next generation iphone and do you think Apple will try and con us into thinking they invented it again? ( a bit old, but it still took them more than 2 years to catch up to Android)

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